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  • Bright Young Things: Stuart Haygarth and Moritz Waldemeyer in The New Review, Oct. 14, 2007

    The New Review, October 14, 2007 The Independent's Sunday magazine 'The New Review' features Stuart Haygarth on the cover. Whether it is driftwood, spectacles or vintage... Read more
  • Gallery Libby Sellers profiled in Design Week London, October 11, 2007

    Trish Lorenz, Design Week, October 11, 2007 Gallery Libby Sellers and its Director have been profiled in the latest issue of Design Week. The inaugural exhibition 'Grandmateria'... Read more
  • The Art of Tinkering: Peter Marigold in Domus Italy, October 2007

    Domus, October 1, 2007 Peter Marigold writes about his design method and "inventions created by dismantling and reassembling furnitur" in the October issue of... Read more
  • Gallery Libby Sellers in Kommerstant Weekend, October 2007

    Kommerstant Weekend, October 1, 2007 Russian magazine Kommerstant Weekend features the work of Stuart Haygarth, Peter Marigold and Moritz Waldemeyer. 'Tail Light' by Haygarth, 'Flauna'... Read more
  • Moritz Waldemeyer in Future Laboratory's quarterly publication, September 2007.

    Gwyneth Holland, The Future Laboratory, September 17, 2007 Future Laboratory has featured the work of designer Moritz Waldemeyer in their quarterly publication. "The trail blazed by Waldemeyer and... Read more
  • The Telegraph lists 'Grandmateria' as a must-see, September 2007.

    Telegraph Magazine, September 15, 2007 The exhibition 'Grandmateria' presented by Gallery Libby Sellers is highlighted in the latest issue of Telegraph Magazine. 'Flauna' by Peter... Read more
  • The International Herald Tribune celebrates launch of Gallery Libby Sellers, September 2007.

    Alice Rawsthorn, The International Herald Tribune, September 10, 2007 Alice Rawsthorn, design critic for the International Herald Tribune, states that the launch of Gallery Libby Sellers "is a highlight... Read more
  • Max Lamb featured in London's Time Out, September 2007

    Time Out, September 1, 2007 Max Lamb is featured in Time Out's profile of the London Design Festival. Lamb was selected by Time Out as... Read more
  • icon lists Moritz Waldemeyer as a 'digital poet', January 2007

    ICON, January 1, 2007 Moritz Waldemeyer is included in ICON Magazine's list of 'digital poets'. The article, which describes London's new wave of interaction... Read more
  • 'Lightweeds' by Simon Heijdens

    Simon Heijdens in Grafik, January 2007

    Jonathan Bell, Grafik, January 1, 2007 Grafik features an in-depth interview with Simon Heijdens. The article, 'Inside Out', notes that in our world of dwindling greenery... Read more
  • 'Digital poet': Simon Heijdens in icon, January 2007

    ICON, January 1, 2007 Designer Simon Heijdens is featured in ICON's issue 'Digital Poets: London's New Wave of Interaction Designers'. The article describes how... Read more
  • Simon Heijdens in BVD Israel, November 2006

    BVD, November 1, 2006 Dutch designer Simon Heijdens is highlighted in this month's issue of BVD, Israel, a publication dedicated to reporting the latest... Read more