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  • Formafantasma are 'Forma Fantastic' to inside No. 74, November 2012

    Rebecca Roke, inside, November 1, 2012 "Characterised by intelligent enquiry and exquisite craftsmanship, Netherlands-based Studio Formafantasma's designs herald a new direction in product design. Not only... Read more
  • 'Stein' by Felix Klingmüller/ECAL. Photography by Nicolas Genta/ECAL

    inside no. 74 reports on 'Hot Tools', November 2012

    Rebecca Roke, inside, November 1, 2012 "Rather than simply working with extant techniques for glassblowing, students designed self-made tools to challenge the usual process of making... Read more
  • FRAME is Blown Away by 'Hot Tools', November/December 2012

    Alexandra Onderwater, FRAME, November 1, 2012 FRAME Magazine has published an article in its latest issue showcasing the exhibition 'Hot Tools', which featured at Gallery Libby... Read more
  • 'The Carpetalogue, page 1: Double Agent' by M/M (Paris). Photography by Gideon Hart reviews 'M/M (Paris) The Carpetalogue', November 2012

    Maria Cristina Didero,, November 1, 2012 "The window onto the street of the London gallery, where passionate and ambitious projects are always shown, presents an image... Read more
  • ArtReview Presents Collectibles by Simon Hasan and Formafantasma, November 2012

    ArtReview, November 1, 2012 ArtReview has published its 2012 supplement titled 'Multiple', which takes an overview of artworks issued in series and designed to... Read more
  • The Power of Two Hearts: M/M (Paris) profiled in art, November 2012

    Mirja Rosenau, art, November 1, 2012 art Magazine has published a profile of M/M (Paris) in its November 2012 issue, including reference to the 'M/M (Paris)... Read more
  • IDEAT highlights 'M/M (Paris) the Carpetalogue', November 2012

    Marie Le Fort, IDEAT, November 1, 2012 For it's roundup of international design events, IDEAT has included the 'M/M (Paris) The Carpetalogue' exhibition at Gallery Libby Sellers... Read more
  • Fabien Cappello's 'Drawn Candlesticks' adorn Wallpaper*, November 2012

    Wallpaper*, November 1, 2012 The November issue of Wallpaper* is markedly Russian in its theme: the feature titled 'Empire Line' - which plays out... Read more
  • The Guardian features Anton Alvarez, Julia Lohmann and Simon Hasan, Oct. 27, 2012

    Henrietta Thompson, The Guardian, October 27, 2012 With advances in technology breathing new life into traditional techniques, Henrietta Thompson finds the craft world enjoying a stimulating and... Read more
  • Formafantasma ‘Question and Challenge’ with ‘Botanica’, October 2012

    Mole Leigh, Rhine Capital Partners, October 25, 2012 Mole Leigh discusses 'Botanica' by Formafantasma, a body of works commissioned by the Plart Foundation that uses natural polymers to... Read more
  • Photography by Ed Reeve

    Review of 'M/M (Paris) The Carpetalogue' on, October 2012

    Liz Farrelly,, October 22, 2012 "M/M (Paris), aka Michaël Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak, might represent that most elusive of all cultural phenomena - a genuine... Read more
  • 'The Carpetalogue, page 3: Notes', by M/M (Paris). Photography by Gideon Hart

    WGSN includes 'M/M (Paris) The Carpetalogue' in its Homebuildlife report, Oct. 22, 2012

    WGSN Homebuildlife, October 22, 2012 Leading global trend forecasting group WGSN have included the 'M/M (Paris) The Carpetalogue' exhibition in its new Homebuildlife service, which... Read more