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  • Max Lamb is profiled in ICON, October 2008

    Anna Bates, ICON, October 1, 2008 A 6-page profile about Max Lamb has been featured in ICON magazine's October 2008 issue. The article also includes mention... Read more
  • Gallery Libby Sellers: 'extraordinary work on display', The Times, Sept. 6, 2008

    Lucia van der Post, The Times, September 6, 2008 Lucia van der Post describes the "truly extraordinary work" included in the Gallery Libby Sellers pop-up exhibition, 'Beau Sauvage' at... Read more
  • The British Design Awards highlight Khashayar Naimanan, September 2008

    The British Design Awards, September 1, 2008 Khashayar Naimanan's 'Hidden Wealth Classic' is listed in '50 things to see at the London Design Festival'. The hand-thrown porcelain... Read more
  • Stealth Wealth: Khashayar Naimanan in the Evening Standard, September 2008

    Helen Kirwan-Taylor, The Evening Standard, September 1, 2008 'Hidden Wealth Classic Plate' by designer Khashayar Naimanan for Nymphenburg is featured in the Evening Standard. The work explores the... Read more
  • Telegraph magazine reviews 'Beau Sauvage' at Liberty, September 1, 2008

    Telegraph Magazine, September 1, 2008 The Telegraph features a review of Gallery Libby Sellers' exhibiton 'Beau Sauvage', currently on display at Liberty. The article describes... Read more
  • Stuart Haygarth's 'Tail Light' included in AD France, September 2008

    Architectural Digest France, September 1, 2008 Stuart Haygarth's chandelier, 'Tail Light', is featured in the September issue of Architectural Design, France. Haygarth's work is described as... Read more
  • Nicolas Le Moigne and 'Slip Stools' in DAMn No. 18, Aug./Sept. 2008

    DAMn, August 1, 2008 "Get ready. Design. Go: Switzerland-based designer Nicolas Le Moigne is shaking up the design world with his 'Slip Stools', now... Read more
  • Nicolas Le Moigne profiled in ICON, July 2008

    Johanna Agerman, ICON, July 1, 2008 "My aim is not to shock people - I prefer instead to design functional things that aid everyday life", says... Read more
  • A Kinetic Aesthetic: Works by Simon Heijdens featured in the Financial Times, Apr. 14/15, 2008

    Janice Blackburn, Financial Times, June 14, 2008 "Recently, at a show of work of young designers in London I was mesmerised by a white wall with graceful... Read more
  • Nicolas Le Moigne's 'Slip Stool' in the International Herald Tribune, May 26, 2008

    Alice Rawsthorn, The Inernational Herald Tribune, May 26, 2008 "The future in raw, fractured forms" is International Herald Tribune design critic Alice Rawsthorn's prediction after viewing new design pieces... Read more
  • Stuart Haygarth in Elle Dekor Croatia, April 2008

    ELLE Dekor Croatia, April 1, 2008 The work of designer Stuart Haygarth is included in this month's issue of Elle Dekor Croatia. Haygarth's 'Millenium Chandelier' and... Read more
  • 'Lightweeds' by Simon Heijdens featured in 'Design and the Elastic Mind', MOMA, Mar. 2008

    Design and the Elastic Mind, March 1, 2008 'Lightweeds' by Simon Heijdens - the 'living digital organism' that 'grows' onto the walls and floors of an indoor space... Read more