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  • Dazed Digital lists Gallery Libby Sellers as London Design Festival Hotspot, 14 Sept. 2013

    Margot Bowman, Dazed Digital, September 14, 2013 Margot Bowman illustrates and describes the work of Hunting & Narud as looking "almost like satellites, like a hieroglyphic sky... Read more
  • 'Copper Mirror Series' featured in Disegno Daily, September 13, 2013

    Adam Taylor-Smith, Disegno Daily, September 12, 2013 The work of Hunting & Narud has been highlighted by Disegno Daily. "The dramatic reflections cast across the walls of... Read more
  • Hunting & Narud Listed as one of 'The Next Big Five', The Observer Magazine, Sept. 8, 2013

    Talib Choudhry, The Observer Magazine, September 8, 2013 "The striking yet simple Copper Mirror Series is inspired by the rich history of Norwegian mining, but London is their... Read more
  • 'The Copper Mirror Series' by Hunting & Narud, 2013. Photography by Gideon Hart

    'Copper Mirror Series' is a Top 10 Must-See for the London Design Festival, Sept. 2, 2013

    Becky Sunshine, The London Design Festival, September 2, 2013 Design journalist Becky Sunshine has listed the 'Copper Mirror Series' by Hunting & Narud as a Top 10 Must-See during... Read more
  • Oscar & Narud's 'Copper Mirror Series' featured in Surface Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2013

    Ian Volner, Surface, September 1, 2013 "For designers Amy Hunting and Oscar Narud, roots reign supreme" declares Ian Volner. Surface Magazine's feature on the 'Copper Mirror... Read more
  • The 'Copper Mirror Series' is on Crafts Magazine's Creative Compass, Sept./Oct. 2013

    Crafts, September 1, 2013 "Don't forget to check out Amy Hunting and Oscar Narud's 'Copper Mirror Series' at Gallery Libby Sellers", states Crafts Magazine... Read more
  • 'The Thread Wrapping Machine Lamp 3' by Anton Alvarez, 2013. Photography by Paul Plews

    Anton Alvarez's 'Thread Wrapping Machine' features in Icon, September 2013

    Mandi Keighran, ICON Magazine, September 1, 2013 ICON Magazine has interviewed Anton Alvarez to gain an insight into his process for creating "the colourful furniture he is... Read more
  • Azure Magazine picks the 'Copper Mirror Series' as a festival highlight, September 2013

    Azure, September 1, 2013 "The gallery of talent spotter, Libby Sellers, exhibits Amy Hunting and Oscar Narud's mirrors. In copper, steel and stone, they... Read more
  • Formafantasma profiled in form magazine No.249, Sept./Oct. 2013

    Ralf Josef, form, September 1, 2013 Form Magazine has profiled Italian-born, Eindhoven-based design duo Formafantasma in its 'The Making of Design' issue, and focuses on the... Read more
  • 'The Copper Mirror Series' by Hunting & Narud, 2013. Photography by Gideon Hart

    Hunting & Narud's 'Copper Mirror Series' in Casa Vogue Brazil, Sept. 2013

    Beta Germano, Casa Vogue Brazil, September 1, 2013 "Mirror, my mirror - a collection of mirrors with a sophisticated design is among the highlights of the month" states... Read more
  • 'The Copper Mirror Series' by Hunting & Narud

    Tipped for the Top: 'Copper Mirror Series' in the Evening Standard, Aug. 30, 2013

    Max Fraser & Barbara Chandler, The Evening Standard, August 30, 2013 Author and deputy director of the London Design Festival, Max Fraser, has revealed his top picks for London Design Festival... Read more
  • 'Thread Wrapping Machine Bench 1' by Anton Alvarez. Photography by Paul Plews

    Top Drawer Furniture: Works by Anton Alvarez catch Mr. Porter's attention, July 16, 2013

    Nick Vinson, Mr. Porter, July 16, 2013 "No two pieces are alike, and you can't get more limited-edition than that", states Nick Vinson in his Design Miami/Basel... Read more