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  • Eco-Friendly Furniture: Formafantasma's 'Craftica' Salmon Stool in Grazia Casa, Jul./Aug. 2013

    Alex Da Silva, Grazia Casa, July 1, 2013 "In search of sustainability: particular attention to the materials, the production cycle and the life of objects". Grazia Casa has... Read more
  • '24' by Paola Petrobelli. Photography by Gideon Hart

    Paola Petrobelli and '24' featured in The House of Peroni Vol.1, July 2013.

    Daisy Woodward, The House of Peroni Vol.1, July 1, 2013 The House of Peroni - the new 'luxury editorial destination' published by the renowned brand Peroni Nastro Azzurro - has... Read more
  • The 'Thread Wrapping Machine Series' by Anton Alvarez. Photography by Paul Plews

    'The Second Life of Roy G. Biv' highlighted by Disegno's Diary, July 1, 2013

    Disegno, July 1, 2013 Disegno's Diary has highlighted 'The Second Life of Roy G. Biv' as a must-see this month. The exhibition of works... Read more
  • 'M/M (Paris) The Carpetalogue' is the cover story for Cover Magazine, July 2013

    Lucy Upward, COVER, July 1, 2013 COVER: Carpets & Textiles for Modern Interiors has profiled 'M/M (Paris) The Carpetalogue' as its July 2013 cover story. For... Read more
  • Photography by Angela Moore

    Peter Marigold is profiled by ICON Eye, June 28, 2013

    Riya Patel, ICON Eye, June 28, 2013 ICON Eye has profiled Peter Marigold in a recent online article, delving into the London-based designer's penchant for collecting so-called... Read more
  • Gallery Libby Sellers is a highlight of Design Miami/Basel 2013 for, June 14, 2013

    Caroline Roux,, June 14, 2013 "The 2013 edition of Design Miami/Basel is a new and most definitely improved version of the twice yearly exhibition that... Read more
  • Global Lighting Takes a Shine to Gallery Libby Sellers, June 13, 2013

    Larry Lazin, Global Lighting, June 13, 2013 'On Our Radar: Shining a Light on Color at Design Miami/Basel', the recent article by Global Lighting, profiles works by... Read more
  • 'M/M (Paris) The Carpetalogue, page 4: Fumetsu'. Photography by Gideon Hart

    Haute Furnishings: 'M/M (Paris) The Carpetalogue' in Newsweek, June 12, 2013

    Paul Laster, Newsweek The Daily Beast, June 12, 2013 Paul Laster of Newsweek The Daily Beast has included M/M (Paris) and their carpet 'Fumetsu' - commissioned by Gallery Libby... Read more
  • The Thread Wrapping Machine Series by Anton Alvarez. Photography by Paul Plews

    Design Miami/Basel Director highlights Anton Alvarez on Disegno, June 10, 2013

    Manijeh Verghese & Marianne Goebl, DisegnoDaily, June 10, 2013 In her interview with DisegnoDaily, Design Miami/Basel Director Marianne Goebl has chosen new works by Anton Alvarez as a highlight... Read more
  • '24' by Paola Petrobelli at Gallery Libby Sellers. Photography by Gideon Hart

    The Glass Quarterly Hot Sheet features '24' by Paola Petrobelli, June 4, 2013

    Grace Duggan, Glass Quarterly, June 4, 2013 '24' - a series of lighting designs by Paola Petrobelli - has been featured on The GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet,... Read more
  • '24.2.2 Table Lamp' by Paola Petrobelli

    Editor of Wallpaper* lists '24' by Paola Petrobelli as a Design Miami/Basel must-see, Jun. 3, 2013

    Tony Chambers, Artsy, June 3, 2013 Tony Chambers, Editor of Wallpaper* Magazine, has selected the '24.2.2 Table Lamp' by Paola Petrobelli as a must-see at this... Read more
  • The Furniture-Spinner: Audi Magazine interviews Anton Alvarez, June 2013

    Brigitte Ulmer, Audi Magazine, June 1, 2013 Audi Magazine has included an extensive interview with Anton Alvarez in its Summer 2013 issue. In the feature, Anton is... Read more