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  • reviews 'Craftica' by Formafantasma, February 14, 2013

    Catharine Rossi,, February 14, 2013 "You don't expect to come across salmon skin stools, scallop shell spoons and wolffish skin hot water bottles everyday, and... Read more
  • Photography by Laurence Passera

    Travelling Chairs: Designweek profiles '8 Chairs' by Clarke & Reilly, February 6, 2013

    Angus Montgomery, Designweek, February 6, 2013 The forthcoming exhibition '8 Chairs' by London-based artists and interior creative consultancy Clarke & Reilly has been highlighted in Designweek.... Read more
  • Aïshti Magazine cites 'Craftica' and 'Crush Pendant Lights', February/March 2013

    Marie Le Fort, Aïshti Magazine, February 1, 2013 "Crack the whip: leather is huge this year", writes Marie Le Fort in her article 'Leather me Up' for Aïshti... Read more
  • The Touch of Skin: Formafantasma and Simon Hasan in Air France Madame no.152, Feb./Mar., 2013

    Marie Le Fort, Air France Madame, February 1, 2013 "Comfortable, durable and adaptable leather has long been a preferred material in furniture design. The British designer Simon Hasan uses... Read more
  • The ICON Awards, featuring winners Formafantasma, February 2013

    ICON, February 1, 2013 "The industry's best and brightest gathered in London for the inaugural ceremony in December to celebrate the outstanding design achievements... Read more
  • Boom and Leisure broadcasts 'Craftica', January 23, 2013

    Boom and Leisure, January 24, 2013 Boom and Leisure, the recently-launched online hub for publicising the latest newsworthy events in architecture and design has listed 'Craftica'... Read more
  • Design Hunter highlights 'Craftica' by Formafantasma, January 8, 2013

    Helen Powell, Design Hunter, January 8, 2013 The UK-based design and lifestyle blog Design Hunter, which offers daily edits of design news and inspirational finds, has featured... Read more
  • 'Chess Cloth' by Studio Frith. Photography by Petr Krejci

    The Power of Chess: 'Games' featured in Eye Magazine, January 7, 2013

    Jim Sutherland, Eye Magazine Blog, January 7, 2013 "Chess - the gymnasium of the mind - is a perennial source of inspiration for designers, film-makers and artists', says... Read more
  • Photography by Luisa Zanzani

    'Craftica' by Formafantasma is showcased in Design Week, January 2, 2013

    Emily Gosling, Design Week, January 2, 2013 "Leather. Initial connotations withstanding (BDSM, mutton-dressed-as-lamb trousers, yuppy furniture, horses et al), the material is having something of a resurgence... Read more
  • This Year's Newcomers: Anton Alvarez profiled in FORM Sweden No.6, Dec. 2012

    FORM Sweden, January 1, 2013 "Keep an eye on him, he will go far" is the prediction about Anton Alvarez - whose Thread Wrapping Machine... Read more
  • Binding Ties: The work of Anton Alvarez in Form Germany No.245, January 2013

    FORM Germany, January 1, 2013 "Swedish designer Anton Alvarez's 'Thread Wrapping Machine' is a clever contraption, which revives one of the oldest, almost forgotten joining... Read more
  • Luxury according to Nicolas Le Moigne: IDEAT, January 2013

    Guy-Claude Agboton, IDEAT, January 1, 2013 Nicolas Le Moigne, whose work Gallery Libby Sellers presented in a solo show in Spring 2012, has been interviewed in... Read more