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  • The new generation of Swiss design: Nicolas Le Moigne profiled in DADI No.1, Jan. 2012

    Emmanuel Grandjean & Rebekka Kiesewetter, DADI, January 1, 2012 Nicolas Le Moigne has been profiled in DADI, the latest design, art, architecture and interiors publication, in a feature on... Read more
  • 'Grandmateria II' Reviewed in Art Review, January 2012

    Mark Rappolt, Art Review, January 1, 2012 "Riffing on ecology, economy, technology, ontology and fantasy, a better conclusion to this day's adventure would be hard to find",... Read more
  • Water Works: 'Fortune' is highlighted in Crafts No.234, January 2012

    Crafts, January 1, 2012 'Fortune' by Mark Braun with J. & L. Lobmeyr is featured in the latest issue of Crafts Magazine. Read more
  • Fabien Cappello selected for New Designer Awards, Elle Decoration, January 2012.

    Dominic Lutyens, ELLE Decoration, January 1, 2012 Fabien Cappello is one of the six recipients of the inaugural New Designer Awards, selected by the ELLE Decoration team... Read more
  • Gallery Libby Sellers in IDEAT's International Design Pages, Jan. 2012

    Marie Le Fort, IDEAT, January 1, 2012 Gallery Libby Sellers has been included in a roundup of IDEAT's arts pages, as has mention of gallery exhibitions 'Formafantasma'... Read more
  • DesignWeek promotes 'Fortune', December 2011.

    Vesela Gladicheva, DesignWeek, December 7, 2011 "The 'Fortune' exhibition...will feature 22 carafes handcrafted by [Mark Braun and] the Austrian glass company J. & L. Lobmeyr, who... Read more
  • LS:N Global: Formafantasma urges us to rediscover plastic, December 2011

    Emma Chiu and Robin Key, LS:N Global, December 4, 2011 LS:N Global says Formafantasma's 'Botanica' opens a new dialogue about plastic and encourages society rediscover its past and natural state.... Read more
  • Photography by Blommers/Schumm

    Dick van Hoff featured in Wallpaper*, December 2011

    Benjamin Kempton, Wallpaper*, December 1, 2011 Dick van Hoff's 'Socketlights' for Weltevree have been featured in Wallpaper* Magazine for their spread titled 'Strict Orders - Austere... Read more
  • London Design: Gallery Libby Sellers and Formafantasma in Artravel No. 42, Dec. 2011

    Marie Le Fort, ARTRAVEL, December 1, 2011 "Creative power is definitely specific to London. A brief overview of the most successful". Gallery Libby Sellers' presentation of Formafantasma... Read more
  • Photography by Klaus Fritsch

    Strict Orders: Mark Braun's 'Fortune' carafe is featured in Wallpaper*, Dec. 2011

    Benjamin Kempton & Blommers/Schumm, Wallpaper*, December 1, 2011 "Austere times call for a new habit of asceticism". Mark Braun's 'Fortune: Malaspina Glacier' carafe, produced in collaboration with J.... Read more
  • Creative London: Gallery Libby Sellers featured in L'Officiel Hommes, November 2011.

    Marie Le Fort, L'Officiel Hommes, November 18, 2011 A review of London's new generation of cultural talent in the magazine L'Officiel Hommes features works by Formafantasma and includes... Read more
  • Graphic identity by Studio Frith

    Alchemy Adds Extra to the Ordinary: 'Grandmateria II' in the Evening Standard, November 2011.

    Corinne Julius, The Evening Standard, November 2, 2011 "A new gallery features artists who turn the humble and unwanted into something precious", writes Corinne Julius in her review... Read more