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  • '24' by Paola Petrobelli included in the FT How To Spend It, November 8, 2013

    Lucia van der Post, Financial Times, How To Spend It, November 8, 2013 "Lighting has just become a whole lot more interesting", states Lucia van der Post in her article for The Financial... Read more
  • The Good Life profiles Libby Sellers, Peter Marigold and Simon Heijdens, Nov./Dec. 2013

    Anne-France Berthelon, The Good Life, November 1, 2013 French lifestyle publication The Good Life has profiled Libby Sellers and her epomymous gallery for its 100% London Edition. "If... Read more
  • Formafantasma's MAK Exhibition reviewed by DAMn Magazine No.41, Nov./Dec. 2013

    Thomas Geisler, DAMn Magazine, November 1, 2013 "Irresistible, respectable: Formafantasma, from Biedermeier bourgeois to future present" is how DAMn Magazine summarises Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin's recent... Read more
  • Casaviva Serbia profiles 'The Copper Mirror Series', November 2013

    Igor Vidovic, Casaviva Serbia, November 1, 2013 Casaviva Serbia has profiled the 'Copper Mirror Series' by Hunting & Narud in its November 2013 issue. A selection of... Read more
  • Miroir, mon beau miroir. Les Echos, Octobre 2013.

    Marie le Fort, Les Echos, October 31, 2013 Hunting & Narud's mirror designs have been featured in an article by Marie le Fort for the French magazine Les... Read more
  • Works courtesy Richard Hollis. Photography by Daniel Pérez/Artists Space

    The New York Times reviews 'Richard Hollis' at Artists Space, October 31, 2013

    Roberta Smith, The New York Times, October 31, 2013 "This is a show you can sink all your senses into. Consisting almost entirely of printed matter, it is a... Read more
  • 'Three Pair' by Aldo Bakker, 2013. Photography by Erik and Petra Hesmerg

    Giver of Form: Domus reviews 'Spaces In Between', October 28, 2013

    Maria Cristina Didero,, October 28, 2013 "It is always so refreshing to walk into Gallery Libby Sellers in central London, as it happened to me again... Read more
  • Blown Away: '24' by Paola Petrobelli featured in the Sunday Times Style Magazine, Oct. 27, 2013

    Helen Kirwan-Taylor, The Sunday Times Style Magazine, October 27, 2013 "Glass is increasingly finding favour with collectors and now it's coming to a gallery near you", states Helen Kirwan-Taylor in... Read more
  • Liliana Ovalle's 'Sinkhole Vessels' featured in the Financial Times, October 19, 2013

    Emma O'Kelly, Financial Times, How To Spend It, October 19, 2013 "The heat is rising in Mexican design, with a buzzing contemporary scene", declares Emma O'Kelly in her article 'The Mex... Read more
  • 'Pose' by Aldo Bakker, 2011. Photography by Erik and Petra Hesmerg

    'Spaces In Between' reviewed by DisegnoDaily, October 19, 2013

    Cat Rossi, DisegnoDaily, October 19, 2013 "If objects could talk, what would they say? How do artefacts communicate their ideas and establish affinities with, or differences... Read more
  • 'The Copper Mirror Series' by Hunting & Narud, 2013. Photography by Gideon Hart

    ABC Cultural highlights 'The Copper Mirror Series', October 12, 2013

    Ana Domínguez Siemens, ABC Cultural, October 12, 2013 For the roundup of this year's London Design Festival, Spain's ABC Cultural has highlighted 'The Copper Mirror Series' by Hunting... Read more
  • Where Ghosts Sit: '8 Chairs' featured in Der Standard Austria, October 11, 2013

    Michael Hausenblas, Der Standard, RONDO, October 11, 2013 To celebrate the exhibition of '8 Chairs' at the Vienna gallery Himbeer & Soda during this year's Vienna Design Week,... Read more