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  • Studio Formafantasma featured in Frieze, November 2011

    David Crowley, frieze, November 1, 2011 "In recent years, Studio Formafantasma have made a number of journeys into the past to excavate the meanings which traditional... Read more
  • Gap in the Market: Gallery Libby Sellers highlighted in the Financial Times, Oct. 12/13, 2011

    Edwin Heathcote, Financial Times, October 12, 2011 Gallery Libby Sellers "is part of the ongoing transformation of once-bohemian Fitzrovia into one of London's most interesting gallery districts",... Read more
  • London & NYC Calling: Gallery Libby Sellers in Wallpaper*, October 2011

    Nick Compton, Wallpaper*, October 1, 2011 "London guerilla gallerist Libby Sellers has finally put down roots..." declares Wallpaper* Magazine. Read more
  • Review of Gallery Libby Sellers in ICON, October 2011

    Johanna Agerman Ross, ICON, October 1, 2011 "Celebrated curator Libby Sellers is about to open her first gallery in central London...Her decision to set up on her... Read more
  • Dutch Design at London Design Festival: Formafantasma,, Sept. 24, 2011

    Katie Dominy,, September 24, 2011 "Dutch designers were certainly in evidence at London Design Festival this year..." states, which highlights the work of Formafantasma... Read more
  • Formafantasma are a highlight for The NYT Style Magazine, Sept. 23, 2011

    Pilar Viladas, The New York Times Style Magazine, September 23, 2011 "The London Design Festival may end on Sunday, but it leaves visitors with lots to remember" states the New York... Read more
  • ICON makes a visit to Formafantasma's Eindhoven Workshop, September 2011

    Riya Patel, ICON, September 1, 2011 "Studio Formafantasma sees weaving historical messages into its products as a way to respect and reinterpret craft rather than leave... Read more
  • Fantasmi Italiani: Formafantasma are in Wired, September 2011

    WIRED Italy, September 1, 2011 "At Gallery Libby Sellers in London are the extraordinary designers Formafantasma, Italian minds transplanted to the Netherlands, showcasing a series... Read more
  • The International Herald Tribune profiles Nicolas Le Moigne and Formafantasma, May 30, 2011

    Alice Rawsthorn, International Herald Tribune, May 30, 2011 "Attention is turning, at last, from 'trophy' to distinctive works", states Alice Rawsthorn - Design Critic for the International Herald... Read more
  • The Strong Type: Studio Frith profiled in Vogue Living Australia, May 2011

    Fiona McCarthy, Vogue Living Australia, May 1, 2011 Long-time gallery collaborator and graphic designer Frith Kerr of Studio Frith is featured in Australia's Vogue Living. Read more
  • Formafantasma explores a world without oil, April 2011

    Elena Sommeriva, Domus, April 15, 2011 For her article in Domus, Elena Sommariva poses the question "what would happen if there had never been any oil?"... Read more
  • Formafantasma‚Äôs works discussed in Yatzer, April 2011

    Apostolos Mitsios, Yatzer, April 13, 2011 In their round-up of the annual Furniture Fair in Milan, Yatzer discusses three of Formafantasma's projects to have launched there.... Read more