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  • Icon magazine Features 'Phare No. 1-9', New Work by Simon Heijgens, March 2014.

    Crystal Bennes, ICON Magazine, March 1, 2014 In this article for ICON Magazine, Crystal Bennes has highlighted the installation titled 'Phare No. 1-9' by Simon Heijdens, commissioned... Read more
  • Studio Formafantasma with their project 'Turkish Red' at the Stedelijk Museum, Feb. 2014

    Disegno Interviews Formafantasma to celebrate Stedelijk Museum Retrospective, February 2014.

    Oli Stratford, Disegno, February 18, 2014 "In the 1990s Dutch conceptual design was dominated by Droog, a collective of designers who prized unorthodox functions and unusual... Read more
  • 'The Copper Mirror Series' by Hunting & Narud, 2013. Photography by Gideon Hart

    Aftenposten highlights Hunting & Narud and the 'Copper Mirror Series', February 2014.

    Synne Hellum Marschhäuser, Aftenposten, February 13, 2014 In a series of articles, the publication Aftenposten has profiled Norwegian designers under 35 and has included an interview with... Read more
  • TELLING TALES: Libby Sellers profiled in the Sunday Times Style Magazine, Feb. 9, 2014

    Becky Sunshine, Sunday Times Style Magazine, February 9, 2014 “Since Sellers ... set up her own gallery in 2007, she has built a reputation as a champion of international... Read more
  • Glass Anatomy: Paola Petrobelli profiled in Corriere della Sera Living, February 2014

    Elisabetta Colombo, Corriere della Sera Living, February 4, 2014 For Corriere della Sera Living, Elisabetta Colombo has interviewed Paola Petrobelli in her flat in Notting Hill about her work... Read more
  • Peter Marigold's 'Thin Slice Cabinet' featured in INFORM, Feb./Mar. 2014

    Nike Breyer, INFORM, February 1, 2014 Peter Marigold's 'Thin Slice Cabinet' - originally commissioned by Gallery Libby Sellers in 2008 - has been featured in an... Read more
  • Hunting & Narud and Simon Hasan featured in Today's Living Magazine, Feb. 2014

    Today’s Living Magazine, February 1, 2014 China's Today’s Living Magazine - a publication devoted to innovations in life and style - has profiled the 'Copper Mirror... Read more
  • IDEAT profiles Aldo Bakker and ”Spaces in Between”, February 2014.

    IDEAT, February 1, 2014 IDEAT Magazine has published a profile of celebrated Dutch designer Aldo Bakker. The article underlines Bakker’s unique style and highlights... Read more
  • Form Magazine Interviews Anton Alvarez, February 2014

    Julie Cirelli, Form, February 1, 2014 "Practice makes perfect, according to Chilean-Swedish designer Anton Alvarez, who makes at least one object daily in his quest to... Read more
  • 'Oki Naganode' by Julia Lohmann, 2013.

    Julia Lohmann and her work with seaweed featured in the Financial Times, February 2014.

    Trish Lorenz, Financial Times, February 1, 2014 Trish Lorenz has highlighted the work of Julia Lohmann for her article about the growing use of seaweed in interiors.... Read more
  • Photography by Philippe Vogelenzang

    'First the materials, then the shape' Formafantasma interviewed by Vogue Italia, January 2014

    Elena Bordignon, Vogue Italia , January 24, 2014 "Defined as "modern alchemists", the two designers in their early thirties Studio Formafantasma have realised that the secret of their... Read more
  • 'Drawn From' installation. Photography by Patrick Fetherstonhaugh

    Blueprint is Inspired by 'Drawn From', January 17, 2014

    Design Curial, January 17, 2014 "From wallpaper patterns to entire buildings, so much of what we see around us still begins as lines on a... Read more