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  • icon lists Moritz Waldemeyer as a 'digital poet', January 2007

    ICON, January 1, 2007 Moritz Waldemeyer is included in ICON Magazine's list of 'digital poets'. The article, which describes London's new wave of interaction... Read more
  • 'Lightweeds' by Simon Heijdens

    Simon Heijdens in Grafik, January 2007

    Jonathan Bell, Grafik, January 1, 2007 Grafik features an in-depth interview with Simon Heijdens. The article, 'Inside Out', notes that in our world of dwindling greenery... Read more
  • 'Digital poet': Simon Heijdens in icon, January 2007

    ICON, January 1, 2007 Designer Simon Heijdens is featured in ICON's issue 'Digital Poets: London's New Wave of Interaction Designers'. The article describes how... Read more
  • Simon Heijdens in BVD Israel, November 2006

    BVD, November 1, 2006 Dutch designer Simon Heijdens is highlighted in this month's issue of BVD, Israel, a publication dedicated to reporting the latest... Read more
  • Frame features Simon Heijdens in 'New Dutch on the Block', Sept./Oct. 2005

    Eva Schaap, FRAME, September 1, 2005 FRAME magazine has included the work of Simon Heijdens in the article 'New Dutch on the Block', which highlights the... Read more