Grandmateria Grandmateria : Brompton Design District, London

Brompton Design District, London
  • Anna Cecilia Russo discusses the meaning of words with Peter Marigold, September 2014

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  • Core77 Interviews Peter Marigold during London Design festival, September 2014

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    Johanna Agerman Ross, ICON, October 1, 2011 "Celebrated curator Libby Sellers is about to open her first gallery in central London...Her decision to set up on her... Read more
  • Art Magazine profiles Gallery Libby Sellers, December 2009

    Dorothea Sundergeld, Art: Das Kunstmagazin, December 1, 2009 Art: Das Kunstmagazin has profiled Gallery Libby Sellers and its Director in the December issue. The article also mentiones the... Read more
  • Pen Magazine features 'Grandmateria', February 2008

    Pen with New Attitude, February 1, 2008 Pen with New Attitude Magazine, a Japanese publication devoted to exploring contemporary design, art and culture, has featured 'Grandmateria' in... Read more
  • The Gallerist: Gallery Libby Sellers featured in Vogue, January 2008

    Vogue, January 1, 2008 British Vogue has profiled Gallery Libby Sellers in its January issue. Works by Stuart Haygarth and Moritz Waldemeyer are also... Read more
  • Next Generation: Gallery Libby Sellers in Wallpaper*, January 2008

    Wallpaper*, January 1, 2008 Libby Sellers has been interviewed for Wallpaper* Magazine's 'Next Generation' feature, after launching her eponymous gallery last year with the... Read more
  • Libby Sellers in Vogue

    Libby Sellers in Vogue, January 2008

    Vogue, January 1, 2008 Vogue has described Libby Sellers as 'The Gallerist' of design in 2008. Gallery Libby Sellers was established during the London... Read more
  • 'Tail Light' by Stuart Haygarth

    Gallery Libby Sellers is 'Best in Show' for Belle Magazine, January 2008

    Belle, January 1, 2008 Belle magazine has selected Stuart Haygarth's 'Tail Light', commissioned by Gallery Libby Sellers, as 'best in show' from London Design... Read more
  • 'Tail Light' by Stuart Haygarth

    Stuart Haygarth featured in Florida InsideOut, Nov./Dec. 2007

    Abby Kellett, Florida InsideOut, November 1, 2007 Stuart Haygarth is featured in Florida InsideOut. The article notes the Gallery Libby Sellers exhibition 'Grandmateria', which featured limited-edition peices... Read more
  • Gallery Libby Sellers profiled in Design Week London, October 11, 2007

    Trish Lorenz, Design Week, October 11, 2007 Gallery Libby Sellers and its Director have been profiled in the latest issue of Design Week. The inaugural exhibition 'Grandmateria'... Read more
  • The Telegraph lists 'Grandmateria' as a must-see, September 2007.

    Telegraph Magazine, September 15, 2007 The exhibition 'Grandmateria' presented by Gallery Libby Sellers is highlighted in the latest issue of Telegraph Magazine. 'Flauna' by Peter... Read more
  • The International Herald Tribune celebrates launch of Gallery Libby Sellers, September 2007.

    Alice Rawsthorn, The International Herald Tribune, September 10, 2007 Alice Rawsthorn, design critic for the International Herald Tribune, states that the launch of Gallery Libby Sellers "is a highlight... Read more