Grandmateria Grandmateria : Brompton Design District, London

Brompton Design District, London
19 September - 14 October 2007

Gallery Libby Sellers presented 'Grandmateria', an exhibition of new design commissions from emerging designers, all of whom were exploring materials and forms that challenged and excited our expectations of design. Works included limited edition lighting designs from Stuart Haygarth, concept furniture from Julia Lohmann and Gero Grundmann, poetic storage solutions from Peter Marigold and a series of interactive chairs from Moritz Waldemeyer.


'Grandmateria', a title borrowed from the 2005 album by Swiss band Morgan Lafay, acknowledged the album's thematic exploration into the mythologies of the Philosopher's stone: a stone said to have alchemical powers to transmute lead into gold. By working with often humble materials, or materials out of their usual context, each of the designers represented in Grandmateria elevated the ordinary to spectacular effect.


Launched during the London Design Festival and continuing through to the Frieze Art Fair in October, Grandmateria also celebrated the concept launch of Gallery Libby Sellers.