Wooden Tables Wooden Tables : Peter Marigold

Peter Marigold
17 September - 31 October 2014

Gallery Libby Sellers is pleased to present the solo exhibition of Peter Marigold's Wooden Tables series.


Born in London in 1974, Marigold first studied sculpture at Central St Martins before enrolling in Design Products under Ron Arad at the Royal College of Art in 2004. Marigold's fine art training, combined with a series of jobs in scenographic design and production - props, models, costumes and sets for theatre and exhibitions - has led to a pluralistic and resourceful approach to furniture design. Designing and making beautiful objects simply and sincerely - often through improvisation and the logic of geometry - is a major impetus for Marigold. Springing from a desire to elucidate and amplify the rationality found in the natural world, much of his work has been an exploration of the phenomena of nature's form.


The tables relate to a much larger story that Marigold began in 2011 with the Wooden Forms. Through these he made a series of vessels using a single small piece of wood as a mould. The process sees one piece of wood pasted with hot wax in order to create an impression of the wood. This action is repeated so as to intuitively build up a form from the numerable wax impressions, creating an object that is both moulded, yet unique. The wax form is then cast into a final sturdier material through one singular movement. As Marigold has said, "The end result is an amalgam of moments. The forms are 'wooden' in that they have been created using wood rather than being made of wood. They therefore reference wood as an active verb rather than a monumental noun; the resulting textures are highly animated and not 'wooden' at all."


All works are available to purchase exclusively through the gallery.