Grandmateria III Grandmateria III

5 September - 5 October 2013

To complement the presentation of the 'Copper Mirror Series' by Hunting & Narud, the gallery's project space will host 'Grandmateria III', a group exhibition of works by designers including Liliana Ovalle, Paola Petrobelli and Lex Pott. This tightly curated group of works follows the trajectory of previous 'Grandmateria' exhibitions  - the first of which was in 2007.


The title alludes to the mythologies of the Philosopher's stone: a stone said to have alchemical powers to transmute lead into gold. By working with modest materials, using materials out of context, or by layering the materials with rich narrative each of the represented designers elevate the ordinary to extraordinary effect. Similar to its precursor, Grandmateria III highlights design's ongoing ability to transform preconceptions of the everyday.