Oyuna with Peter Marigold Oyuna with Peter Marigold

15 - 22 September 2012

Alongside the main exhibition 'Hot Tools', Gallery Libby Sellers hosted a special installation of Peter Marigold's structural designs for the cashmere brand OYUNA. Specifically timed for the London Design Festival, the installation was created to bring alive the beauty and artisan craftsmanship of the cashmere pieces while capturing the brand's Mongolian nomadic spirit.


Conceived as an abstract reinterpretation of the traditional Mongolian ger tent-house which redefines common perceptions of indoor-outdoor space, Marigold's structures are made from blackened raw steel, and dark cast wooden surfaces. The skeletal structure provides the backdrop to OYUNA's distinctive cashmere pieces. Modular in shape, the display is formed of individual steel frames that can be adapted to different spaces. The angled edges evoke the Mongolian landscape, combining both architectural form and the living environment.


OYUNA was founded by Oyuna Tserendorj and David Bernasconi in London in 2002. Oyuna's designs are inspired by the colours of Mongolia's wild plains and by the creativity of inner city London life.


For footage of additional works by Peter Marigold for OYUNA, please view the video below.