Games Games

  • 'Chess Cloth' by Studio Frith. Photography by Petr Krejci

    The Power of Chess: 'Games' featured in Eye Magazine, January 7, 2013

    Jim Sutherland, Eye Magazine Blog, January 7, 2013 "Chess - the gymnasium of the mind - is a perennial source of inspiration for designers, film-makers and artists', says... Read more
  • 'Games' and 'Craftica' featured in Surface, September/October 2012

    Dan Rubinstein, Surface, September 1, 2012 Dan Rubinstein, Editor-In-Chief of Surface magazine, has included mention of both Gallery Libby Sellers' exhibition 'Games' and Formafantasma's presentation of... Read more
  • Gallery Libby Sellers profiled in VOGUE Living Australia, September/October 2012

    Fiona McCarthy, Vogue Living Australia, September 1, 2012 "Libby Sellers celebrates new talent and outside-the-box design", states Fiona McCarthy in her article titled 'Ways of Seeing' for Vogue... Read more
  • Elle Decoration highlights 'Games' and aberrant architecture, September 2012

    ELLE Decoration, September 1, 2012 For its 'Hot List' of the new, the classic and the collectable, ELLE Decoration has highlighted 'Games' at Gallery Libby... Read more
  • 'Games' is now playing on, July 2012, July 20, 2012 - the premium video magazine covering contemporary culture, art, design, fashion, lifestyle and travel - recently visited Gallery Libby... Read more
  • Disegno reviews 'Games' at Gallery Libby Sellers, July 2012

    Oli Stratford, Disegno, July 6, 2012 "The new show from Gallery Libby Sellers brings together a collection of elegant riffs on the traditional chess board", writes... Read more
  • 'More Making for the London Games, Crafts No.237, July/August 2012

    Crafts, July 1, 2012 Crafts Magazine has featured 'Games' - as well as Simon Hasan's 'Chess Set' - in its roundup of Olympics-related design... Read more
  • 'Slice Chess Set' by Simon Hasan promotes 'Games' at Gallery Libby Sellers, June 27, 2012, June 27, 2012 has featured the exhibition 'Games' at Gallery Libby Sellers in its 'Design' section. "Chess sets, games by aberrant architecture... Read more
  • 'Games' on Designweek, June 2012.

    Emily Gosling, Designweek, June 19, 2012 Designweek has posted a feature on the forthcoming exhibition 'Games' at Gallery Libby Sellers. Emily Gosling writes, 'Olympics, Olympics, everywhere...An... Read more
  • It's all fun and games: Libby Sellers and 'Games' featured in the NYT, June 14, 2012

    Rima Suqi, The New York Times, June 14, 2012 The New York Times has featured Libby Sellers in its 'Shopping With' column, and highlights the gallery's exhibition 'Games' as... Read more