Richard Hollis Richard Hollis : Curated by Emily King

Curated by Emily King
23 March - 28 April 2012

The 'Richard Hollis' exhibition, curated for the gallery by design historian Emily King, consisted of roughly 200 items drawn from the designer's archive. It reflected Hollis's entire professional life, including his travels in the 1950s and 60s to Cuba, Zurich and Paris, his part in founding a new art school in Bristol in 1964, his role in the design of radical politics in the 1960s and 70s and his career-long investigation of the graphic design of culture. Ranging in time and scope from personal collages made in the mid 50s to the graphic framework of Steve McQueen's artwork 'Queen and Country', the exhibition demonstrated Hollis's singular ability to shape thought through the arrangement of word and image.


To create an appropriate framework for the exhibition, upcoming architect Simon Jones was commissioned to design the exhibition while Sara De Bondt designed an accompanying catalogue.