Beau Sauvage Beau Sauvage : Liberty department store, London

Liberty department store, London
18 September - 19 October 2008

The exhibition took its cue from the writings of political philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau. What 18th century culture lacked, he argued, was nature, passion, emotion, instinct and mysticism. Similar observations could be made of our own contemporary landscape, in which the ubiquitous and homogenized have become the accepted norm. By championing designers who celebrate the raw and the beautiful, 'Beau Sauvage' presented an engaging and dramatic alternative.


'Beau Sauvage' was launched during the London Design Festival. Liberty department store had invited Sellers to take over their furniture department for one month with new works commissioned from her growing stable of designers. Participants included Peter Marigold, Max Lamb, Khashayar Naimanan and Daniel Brown (all from the UK). Adrien Rovero and Tomas Kral (both from Switzerland) and Jens Fager from Sweden.