Efesto, 2014
Atena, 2014
Colony: Tripoli (Libya), 2011
Colony: Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), 2011
Colony: Asmara (Eritrea), 2011
The Carpetalogue, page 1: Double Agent, 2012
The Carpetalogue, page 2: Sirène, 2012
The Carpetalogue, page 3: Notes, 2012
The Carpetalogue, page 4: 不滅 (Fumetsu), 2012
Ger Butler 1, 2012
Efesto, 2014
Basalt Fibre, Cotton
190 L x 120 W cms
Edition of 7 plus 2 artist's proofs
Alongside the furniture and vessels, Formafantasma have also investigated the tensile properties of lavic fibre through two different woven wall hangings. These pieces combine illustrative references to both the Greek mythological gods of Mount Etna and the microscopic views of lavic rock’s geological strata as ascertained through the designers’ collaboration with the Volcanologist Centre of Catania (INGV). As a sustainable alternative to carbon fibre, Formafantasma’s use of lavic fibre has effectively reappropriated a conventionally high tech material for artisnal ends.