'Craftica' by Formafantasma featured on Wallpaper.com, June 15, 2012

Henrietta Thompson, Wallpaper.com, June 15, 2012

'Craftica' - the latest project by Formafantasma - has been featured in Wallpaper.com. Commissioned by FENDI as part of the brand's Design Performances programme at Design Miami/Basel 2012, 'Craftica' is a collection of objects created from discarded FENDI leathers and other natural materials such as cork, shells and bone.


Henrietta Thompson describes 'Craftica' as a "poetic and thoughful show", noting that while Formafantasma often experiment with uncommon materials and processes in their work, they nevertheless continue to produce covetable  - and collectable - products: "Encouraging their clients to wholly place their trust in the practice, Tirmachi and Farresin rarely know what the exact outcome of their projects will be themselves - preferring instead to immerse themselves in the process of experimentation. While a surprise is always something to be expected with them, in the case of Craftica, however, the experience is an extremely pleasant one".

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