Fendi and Design Miami/Basel present Formafantasma's 'Craftica', April 2012.

Formafantasma and FENDI will present their collaborative project 'Craftica' at Design Miami/Basel 2012. This presentation will be the first of FENDI's Design Performanaces programme to feature at Design Miami/Basel, and aims to offer audiences a rare insight into designers' studios and practices through the use of the brand's discarded materials. FENDI has invited Formafantasma to create a new body of hand-made leatherwork - combined with other natural materials such as 'leathers' derived from fish and plants as well as marble, glass and wood - that responds to the context of contemporary living.


Says Silvia Fendi: "I have always been attracted to experimental approaches to traditional materials and processes. For me, Formafantasma's work with leather discarded from the fashion industry to create new design objects for a domestic context stands for experimentation at its best. I'm impressed by the depth of their research and the ingenious way they have incorporated a broad range of leather types. Andrea and Simone are the first Italian designers we have invited to our Design Performance program, so I feel especially gratified by their stunning contribution to our mission to preserve and promote fatto a mano practices".

April 18, 2012
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