Paola Petrobelli New Works in Clay

Paola Petrobelli's new series of works in clay was previewed by Siegried Contemporary in a joint exhibition with Martin Creed’s stunning tapestry works and his beautiful five-part series of ballpen drawings.


Aside from a new material language, what shifts this new series of pots is Petrobelli’s intentional divestment of “the mathematical rule” – or the precise instructions required by the assisted production of her glass. Instead, production was confined to her studio, and by her own hands.


There are obvious visual connections between Creed and Petrobelli - a shared respect for colour, a focus on shape and line, the visible hand of the maker. Meanwhile both artists use their work to trigger emotion, interact with their surroundings and create discourse between the individual pieces and their practice as a whole. In an essay accompanying Petrobelli’s work, Libby Sellers noted “After a pause, a percussive resonance begins to emerge through the repetitions and the gaps in between – making this pairing with Martin Creed, an artist renowned for seeking solace in compositional order, even more significant."


On view until 21 January 2022.

By appointment only.


December 3, 2021
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