Formafantasma, Simon Hasan & Julia Lohmann in Gewerbemuseum's 'Skin to Skin', December 2013.

'Craftica Water Container' by Formafantasma has been purchased by the Gewerbemuseum and will be included alongside Julia Lohmann's 'Sigga' Cowbench and works by Simon Hasan for the Swiss museum's upcoming exhibition 'Skin to Skin'. The exhibition will focus on the qualities of skin within art, design, architecture and medicine. The exhibition seeks to challenge and discover different perspectives on skin, examining its centrality in the arts and also how it has been a source of inspiration for designers and architects.


Julia Lohmann's Cowbench series was first launch as part of her 2004 Royal College of Art graduation show. The sculpted leather form is an unsubtle reminder of where the material has come from and transforms the practice of product design into a rich and complex medium of social investigation.

Formafantasma's 'Craftica' series, initially conceived in collaboration with FENDI for Design Miami/Basel 2012, sought to represent the complex relationship between humans and nature through a collection of handmade stools, lights, vessels and tools. 


Simon Hasan's ongoing exploration into the medieval technique of 'Cuir Bouilli' rejects the pliable qualities of leather in favor of a more atavistic approach to the material. By boiling the leather to make it irreversibly hard, Hasan's designs display a richness, heritage and texture borne from a compound of industrial and hand techniques.


The exhibition will be at the Gewerbe Museum,Winterthur, Switzerland from December 1, 2013 to June 9, 2014.

November 13, 2013
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