Three Pair, 2013
Pose, 2011
Indigo Tonus, 2012
Le Lac, 2007
Anura (1 of 6), 2013
3 dwn 1 up, 2010-2011
Aldo Bakker
Three Pair, 2013
Basaltina stone
35 H x 45 W x 45 D cms
Edition of 3 plus 1 Artist's Proof
'Three Pair' exists of three stone parts that in composition form a stool. The singular, cone shape provides the stool with a neutral starting point. The unbalanced, complicated middle section creates a double leg and forms the transition between the other two parts and defines the size of the stool. The upper component functions as seating and connects the three. Because of the inevitable interrelation of the parts the stool is named ‘Three Pair’. Produced by Testi Group.