Armand, 2012
Julie Richoz
Armand, 2012
Laser cut paper
70 H x 35 W x 35 D cms
Edition of 50
Taking inspiration from her observations on systems or materials that fascinate her, Paris-based Julie Richoz re-appropriates their essence to create objects which exhibit a playful simplicity. Richoz is interested in the "soft focus phenomenon" - or the vibratory effect of layering finely cut paper - and more particularly in the resultant mix of colours. This effect is conveyed in Armand by the placement of different paper cutouts in kinetic opposition, resulting in the quivering expression of colour. The work is a series of machine cut sheets of paper which the owner is invited to create into a three-dimensional sculpture. Julie Richoz (Switzerland, 1990). After growing up in La Rochelle, in 2008 she returned to her country of origin and enrolled at ECAL (the Lausanne School of Art), where she took a four-year course in industrial design. In 2010, she designed "Fierzo" for Alessi. It is an office dividing wall that has been displayed at various fairs from Milan to Tokyo and Brussels. In 2011, she was part of the Nestlé Chocolate Centre of Excellence team. This internship allowed her to explore the theme of culinary design. The following year she participated in the "Too Cool for School" exhibition organized by ECAL during the International Furniture Fair in Milan, where she presented a research project on colour. In 2012, she was selected to present her creations at the Design Parade 7, in Villa Noailles in Hyères, France.