The Carpetalogue, page 1: Double Agent, 2012
The Carpetalogue, page 2: Sirène, 2012
The Carpetalogue, page 3: Notes, 2012
The Carpetalogue, page 4: 不滅 (Fumetsu), 2012
M to M of M /M (Paris) by Emily King, with foreword by Hans Ulrich Obrist, 2012
The Givenchy Files Vol. 3, 2012
A Lifetime Upon M/My Skin: 12 Ephemeral Tattoos, 2013
M/M (Paris)
The Carpetalogue, page 1: Double Agent, 2012
Hand-knotted wool
300 W x 200 D cms
Edition of 12 plus 2 Artist's Proofs
'The Carpetalogue' series acts like a condensed catalogue for the work of the French design studio founded in 1992 by Michaël Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak. Each of the four carpet designs draw upon motifs that have been present in their practice over the last two decades. The 'pages' - or carpets - express the linear, geometric and vibrant qualities characteristic of the pair's work across medias as diverse as graphic and fashion design, music and fine art. M/M (Paris) consider the project to be an extension of their own selves, and of the way they collaborate - as they say, 'The Carpetalogue' is a "map of the M/M brain". The Double Agent is a character that symbolises how Michaël and Mathias have worked together over the last 20 years. He is a particular figure in their work, a recurrent sign who acts as a decoy of them or the viewer.