Wooden Table, Grey Circle 2, 2015
Wooden Table, Grey Circle 3, 2015
Wooden Table, Black 1, 2014
Wooden Table, Black 2, 2014
Wooden Table, Blue 2, 2014
Wooden Table, Graphite Circle 1, 2014
Wooden Table, Graphite Square 1, 2014
Wooden Table, Grey Circle 1, 2014
Wooden Table, Grey Elipse 1, 2014
Wooden Table, Large White Elipse 2, 2014
Wooden Table, Orange 2, 2014
Wooden Table, Pink 1, 2014
Wooden Table, Purple 1, 2014
Wooden Table, Teal 1, 2014
Wooden Table, Blue 1, 2013
Wooden Table, Green 1, 2013
Wooden Table, Green 2, 2013
Wooden Table, Orange 1, 2013
Ger Butler 1, 2012
Ger Table, 2012
Wooden Vase A, 2011
Wooden Vase B, 2011
Log Chess Set, 2012
Split Boxes, 2006 - present day
Thin Slice Cabinet, 2008
Yield, 2008
Pied de Biche, 2008
Make/Shift, 2006
Peter Marigold
Wooden Table, Grey Circle 2, 2015
Jesmonite, steel
60cm Diam x 56.5cm H
Peter Marigold's fine art training, combined with a series of jobs in scenographic design and production has led to a pluralistic and resourceful approach to furniture design. His 'Wooden' forms are made by using a single piece of wood as the mould that is pasted with hot wax in order to extract an impression of its grain and texture. The wood is then repositioned, and the process repeated so as to build up the form intuitively, creating a form that is both moulded and unique. The wax form is cast into either plaster or metal, combining it into a singular material through one action, resulting in an amalgam of moments and pieces that are highly animated and not 'wooden' at all.